User agreement

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") determines the procedure for the use by the Users of the Site, Site administration by RTR as well as the processing and protection of the personal data about Users, which RTR may obtain during the Users use the Site.

RTR Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company", the owner and the administrator of the Site, the owner of the rights to Content, the operator of personal data of Users.

Site site placed in the global network Internet on address:

Content audiovisual works (films, programs, animated films, etc.), textual, photographic works, graphic works, as well as any other materials uploaded by the RTR to the Site.

User a person who has registered on the Site in order to gain access to the possibilities to view and add to favorites of the Content, as well as a person who is not registered on the Site but has the ability to view the Content (part of it).

Account information provided by the User about himself during registration, namely:


phone number



country of residence


Player player, with which the User views the Content.


1.1. Use of the Site implies the provision by the User to RTR the consent to the processing of personal data (including the right to transfer it to third parties). RTR will fulfill all the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on personal data in connection with its processing.

1.2. While viewing any page of the Site, the page itself is loaded onto the Users computer, as well as a small text file called cookie. Cookie is used to authenticate the User on the Site - the Site remembers Users for subsequent optimization during re-registration.

1.3. User can disable cookie in browser security settings.

1.4. User agrees that access to the Site / Content may be provided in conjunction with an advertising or subject to viewing an advertisement. User also agrees that if he provides his phone number and / or e-mail and / or other contact information about himself, he thereby gives RTR his consent to send any messages to the User using push notifications, SMS messages, messages by e-mail and in other ways, including advertising and from third parties. User has the right to refuse to receive notifications and messages from RTR.

1.5. RTR takes all necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect personal information about Users from unauthorized or accidental access to them, to destroy, modify, block, distribute personal information, as well as from other illegal actions with it. These measures include, in particular, internal verification of data collection, storage and processing processes and security measures, including appropriate encryption and measures to ensure the physical security of data to prevent unauthorized access to systems in which personal information is stored.

1.6. User has the right to:

independently make changes, additions to information about himself in the Account on the Site;

delete information about himself provided as part of the Account on the Site.

1.7. RTR collects and processes only that information about Users, incl. their personal data, which is necessary to fulfill the obligations of RTR while the use of the Site.

1.8. RTR can use the personal information of Users for the following purposes:

identification of a party under agreements between the User and RTR; or

providing Users with services while using the Site, further improving the Site, developing new services; or

responding to User requests for support, informing Users about the capabilities of the Site, sending requests, SMS messages and notifications regarding the use of the Site; or

performing marketing tasks, conducting statistical and other studies based on anonymized data; or

the implementation of relations to provide by RTR of data from cookies to third parties.

1.9. User hereby expresses his consent to the transfer of personal information about him to affiliates, partners of RTR, to third parties for the purposes provided for in clause 1.8. of the present Agreement.

1.10. User is fully responsible for any actions carried out using his Account, and is obliged to ensure the confidentiality of the password that provides access to his Account, as well as take measures to change a password in case of any suspicion by the User of a violation of the confidentiality regime with respect to the password to his Account. If the User becomes aware of any unauthorized use of his Account, the User hereby agrees to immediately notify RTR.


2.1. The duties of RTR are solely to ensure the provision of the technical possibility for the User to access the Site in the manner specified by this Agreement.

2.2. RTR reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or delete any information published on the Site, as well as Content, and any elements and components of the Site, to suspend, restrict or terminate the Users access to all or any of the sections of the Site at any time for any reason or without explanation, with or without prior notice (at the discretion of RTR). At the same time, the parties agree that RTR is not responsible for any harm that may be caused to the User by such actions.

2.3. RTR has the right to establish any restrictions on the use of the Site, at any time to modify this Agreement unilaterally, without obtaining the consent of the User.

2.4. RTR has the right to send out messages to Users containing organizational, technical or other information about the Sites capabilities by sending appropriate messages to the email address that the User indicates when registering on the Site.

2.5. RTR has the right to provide the User with the opportunity to create a single personal Account (profile) within the Site. In the event that the User creates more than one account, RTR reserves the right to delete user accounts created by the User and / or refuse to use the Site to the User.

2.6. RTR has the right to set age limits for the Users access to the Content posted on the Site intended for an audience of a certain age in accordance with the Federal Law of December 29, 2010 N 436-FZ "On the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development"; this means that Users who have not reached the age specified by RTR are obliged to refrain from accessing and / or viewing such Content, which the RTR can notify Users by indicating signs of information products on the Site or by means of information messages when the User attempts to view Content intended for an audience of a certain age.

2.7. RTR has the right to place advertising and / or other information in any section of the Site, to interrupt the demonstration of Content posted by RTR, free of charge, by advertising information.

2.8. RTR tries to ensure the smooth operation of the Site, but is not responsible for the complete or partial loss of accounting information, as well as for insufficient quality or speed of playback and demonstration of Content.

2.9. RTR is entitled to amend this Agreement at any time without prior notice to the User.

2.10. RTR is obliged not to carry out the following actions on the Site:

post addresses, phone numbers and other personal information (personal data) of Users;

place any files that contain or may contain viruses and other malicious programs;

describe or promote criminal activity, post instructions or guidelines for committing criminal acts;

post any information that violates the exclusive rights of Users or copyright holders to the results of intellectual activity (Content).


3.1. All the results of intellectual activity used and posted on the Site, including the Content, as well as the Site itself, are the results of the intellectual activity of their legal owners and are protected by the intellectual property legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as relevant international legal conventions. Any use of the results of intellectual activity posted on the Site (including elements of the visual design of the Site, symbols, texts, graphic images, illustrations, Content and other objects) without the permission of RTR or the legal copyright holder of the relevant results of intellectual activity is illegal and may cause a trial and bringing violators to civil, administrative and (or) criminal liability in accordance with the laws of Russian Federation.

3.2. Except for the cases established by this Agreement, as well as the current legislation of the Russian Federation, no result of intellectual activity posted on the Site can be copied (reproduced), processed, distributed, displayed in a frame, published, downloaded, transmitted, sold or otherwise used in whole or in part, without the prior permission of RTR or the legal copyright holder of the corresponding result of intellectual activity, except when RTR or the copyright holder explicitly consented to the free use of the Content by any person.

3.3. Access to the results of intellectual activity posted on the Site is provided by RTR exclusively for personal non-commercial use by Users in order to familiarize themselves with it exclusively through the Player on the Site, without the right to reproduce (including copying / downloading) the indicated results of intellectual activity in the memory of Users' devices, as well as without the right to other uses of the indicated results of intellectual activity, not specified in this Agreement, including their sell, modification, distribution in whole or in part, etc.

3.4. Any use of the Site or the results of intellectual activity posted on it, except as permitted in the Agreement, or, in the case of the express consent of RTR or the author (copyright holder) to such use, without the prior written permission of RTR or the author (copyright holder) is strictly prohibited.

3.5. RTR reserves the right at any time to remove from the Site any results of intellectual activity posted on it, without notifying the User.

3.6. Any person who believes that his copyright and / or related and / or other rights, as well as legal interests are violated due to the actions of RTR in connection with the posting of any materials on the Site, is entitled to notify RTR. The procedure for notifying RTR about violation of copyright and / or related and / or other rights, as well as the legitimate interests of individuals and the actions of RTR in relation to received notifications is indicated at


4.1. This Agreement, as well as amendments and additions to it, enter into force from the moment of its publication at the address The consent of the User without any change or withdrawal with the terms of the Agreement, amendments and additions to it is expressed in the form of use by the User of the Site. Nothing in the Agreement can be understood as the establishment between the User and RTR of agent relations, partnership relations, joint activity relations, personal hiring relations, provision of services, or any other relations not expressly provided in the Agreement.

4.2. The Agreement is a legally binding contract between the User and RTR and governs the conditions for using the Site, including the use of Content.

4.3. Applicable law under this Agreement is the law of the Russian Federation. All disputes regarding the Agreement are resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation at the location of RTR.

4.4. In the case of the adoption of regulatory legal acts by the authorities of the Russian Federation affecting in whole or in part the functioning of the Site, RTR reserves the right to make any changes to the functioning of the Site aimed at bringing the latter in line with new standards.

4.5. Requests, suggestions and / or questions regarding this Agreement are sent to RTR at

Revision of April 30, 2020