11 Mar 2024

Russia TV and Radio attends the market with gripping dramas and documentaries.

The company slate is headed by English-dubbed high-end drama "Chaliapin", exciting adventure drama "Elizaveta", and gripping documentary series "Moscow Kremlin Treasures".

"Chaliapin" (8x50') tells the story of Fyodor Chaliapin which life is a battlefield where every day he fights his demons, society, and himself. The unmatched talent and strong character make him the main star of Imperial Theaters. Chaliapins powerful voice amazes everyone and soon the whole world knows his name. But fame and success only bring him trouble as the singer struggles to choose between two beloved women.

On the other hand, high-end drama "Elizaveta" (12x50') is a historical series in a genre of adventure drama about Peter the Great's daughter's ascension to the throne. Elizaveta is forced to take the path of dangerous adventures in order to deal with court intrigues, stalking and evil plots. Three fearless bodyguards of the princess will accompany her along the way and are willing to do whatever it takes to save the future Empress life.

FILMART attendees will also get the chance to enter into The Kremlin Armoury with the new documentary series "Moscow Kremlin Treasures" (8x52'). The Kremlin Armoury is home to the unique collection of historical rarities, including famous Monomakhs Cap that crowned all Russian Tsars or Catherine the Greats crown, decorated with 5,000 diamonds and topped with a blood-red spinel in 398.72 ct. The treasury relics were repeatedly welcomed at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Russia TV and Radio is also bringing to the Asian Market melodrama titles such as "Deep Sea Between Us" (8x45-49); "That Man, That Woman" (4x 47-51); "Mother's Heart" (4x44) and "Bittersweet Love" (4x45).

The Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART) is taking place from March 11 to 14, gathering leading international entertainment figures from several countries and regions.

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Source: Senal News

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