History of the XX century
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Today, there are monuments to Bandera all over Western Ukraine. He rose to fame during World War II. He was one of Hitlers henchmen having led successful vindictive operations against Soviet partisans and a proponent of genocide, who dreamt of exterminating Poles, Jews and Russians. In Ukraine, the statues inscriptions read: Stepan Bandera, National Hero The fact that soldiers from his own battalions of death executed Jews in Babi Yar, and that he ordered the murder of hundreds of children and infants in Volyn are details which are considered insignificant when compared with the struggle for Ukrainian independence and self-determination. Kievs politicians portray him as a saint in their speeches. But living witnesses of Banderas bloody exploits are still with us. They live in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Germany and Israel. They still remember. And in this film they speak out. Their words are a warning to mankind about the danger of a new wave of fascism.