Action / 12 x 45'


They are the best of the best: elite special forces, highly qualified combat soldiers, carrying out secret government missions. Strong, brave and honest, they face deception and treachery, vice and evil, suffering and death. They risk their lives, never giving up or losing heart. Their objective is clear: to rescue those who need help, to live and, if need be, die in the line of duty. Their motto is always: If not us, then who? Is this just overwrought and excessive bombast? Not at all it is what they do. All the action in the series is based on true events, and all the characters are based on real people.


Genre Action
Number of episodes 12
Length 45
Director Andrey Shcherbinin, Mikhail Kolpahchiev, Alexey Vedernikov
Cast S. Vorobyov, G. Kazatchkov, A. Ehrlich, A. Ehrlich, P. Sidikhina
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