Action / 8 x 45'


Andrei Shikov, an Army reconnaissance captain, fought in Chechnya and the Balkans and always came through the most intense battles without a scratch. His great instincts and intuition that kept him safe earned him the nickname “The Charmed One.” After he war he tries to lead a quiet civilian life. But a series of events forces him to accept the invitation of his war buddy Gustav, to join a private military corporation. Shikov is drawn into bloody missions in Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Libya. The criminal business and Gustav’ s betrayal bring the former friends to a brutal and uncompromising confrontation.


Genre Action
Number of episodes 8
Length 45
Director Yuri Sukhodolsky
Cast S. Gubanov, M. Shchegolev, M. Shchegolev, N. Borisova, D. Brauer
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