Thriller / 10 x 44'


1938, Soviet Russia

There were two of them, both strong and courageous. But one fateful day, Igor Petrov, the commander of a Red Army unit, is compelled to exchange ID papers with a safecracker known as Ash. The incident leads both men to start their lives completely anew.
For the following ten years, Petrov and Ash will live their lives in the fear of discovery. They will commit acts of bravery and insidious crimes in the name of the other so that the thief becomes a hero, while the commander turns into a violent outlaw. The only thing they have in common is a tragic, painful love for the same woman. For ten years they will each encounter death and destruction before fate brings them together once more.
There will be two of them again – strong and courageous, ready to fight for their love... with the knowledge that retribution awaits them.


Title Ash
Genre Thriller
Number of episodes 10
Length 44
Director Vadim Perelman
Cast Y. Mironov, V. Mashkov, E. Lyadova, S. Garmash, Ch. Hamatova, P. Mamonov, A. Smolyakov, V. Gostyukhin, I. Rozanova, S. Chonishvili, A. Dyachenko, K. Andolenko
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