Investigation / 1 x 49'


Welcome to hell, or rather, to a future in which our planet is indistinguishable from hell – unless humanity stops treating it like a giant rubbish dump. We produce rubbish, which in turn changes us – with dramatic effect. It poisons our bodies, invades our minds, represses our will. The landfills that surround major cities throughout the world can go on for miles. The majority of rubbish in those landfills will take centuries to decompose, and will never be composted back into soil. This film is a cry for help, a call to arms, a dangerous journey, and an investigative report on a global catastrophe that most people would prefer not to think about. And by ignoring it, by refusing to acknowledge that a solution needs to be found, the problem will only get worse! By closely examining the rubbish others are quick to forget about, scientists and philosophers explain how we can avoid the looming catastrophe and transform a global rubbish dump into a blooming garden.


Genre Investigation
Number of episodes 1
Length 49
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