Investigation / 1 x 60'


Vast expansive oceans, massive silvery glaciers, the yellow currents of the Ganges and the emerald ribbon of the Amazon. Round droplets on leaves after a rain, and clear liquid in laboratory flasks water is everywhere, yet relatively little is known about it... We present to you the continuation of the captivating film about the great mystery that is water! The hypothesis proposing that the entire history of the universe, from the emergence of elementary particles to the birth of galaxies, has been recorded in the memory of every drop of water, is acquiring new supporting evidence in various fields of science. Scientists are employing their newfound knowledge to solve theoretical and practical problems, but so far, no one has managed to fully decode waters memory. Whoever succeeds will obtain the kind of knowledge and power enabling them to rule the world.


Genre Investigation
Number of episodes 1
Length 60
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