"Rasputin" to Premiere at the Moscow International Film Festival (Russia)

"Rasputin" to Premiere at the Moscow International Film Festival (Russia)

19 Jun 2013

The new historical drama, a co-production of Russia Television & Radio and B-TWEEN (France), will be the closing film at the 35th Moscow International Film Festival.

The Moscow International Film Festival is one of the oldest in the world, having been held annually in the city since 1959. The festival has long held a reputation for mirroring social and political change, and it is with good reason that well-known international filmmakers are keen to choose Russia as the location to premiere their most powerful films. They rightly recognize the Russian market as one of the most promising in the world.
The 35th Moscow International Film Festival opened at the capitals Rossiya Cinema. There are 16 entries in the competition, including three Russian films. The new Russian-French co-production "Rasputin", directed by Irakli Kvirikadze and starring Gerard Depardieu, is the festival's official closing film.

Its the early 1900s. Europe is on the brink of war, and the Russian Empire is teetering on collapse. The sudden arrival of the mysterious Grigori Rasputin within the Tsars chambers provokes a wave of indignation through the imperial court. He eases the suffering of the sole heir to the throne, stricken with an incurable disease, preaches and performs miracles. In the eyes of the Tsarina, this is no mere stroke of fortune, but proof that Rasputin is a man of divine power, a saviour, a messenger of God. However, far from everyone shares her view. Rasputins  mystical grip over the royal family and his close friendship with the Tsarina stir up murmurings of discontent. Plots and conspiracies start forming around the holy demon. Russia, the monarchy and Rasputin are about to become embroiled in the impending disaster

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