History of WWII / 1 x 45'


Otto Skorzeny was an officer entrusted with special assignments and a personal friend of Adolf Hitler. He was also the main saboteur for the Third Reich. It was he, who kidnapped a son of Miklos Horthy, a Hungarian dictator. It was he, who worked out a plan for the operation and set free Benito Mussolini. But few people know that after escaping the International Tribunal, the famous saboteur was enlisted by the Israeli Secret Service - the Mossad. Skorzeny carried out a grandiose operation and ruined weapon supplies to Egypt, which Israel was in a state of war with. Veterans of Israeli Intelligence that took part in this mission, for the first time confirm this sensational fact. Skorzenys daughter gives previously unknown details about his life after the War. Historians comment on Otto Skorzenys private archives.


Genre History of WWII
Number of episodes 1
Length 45
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