History of WWII / 1 x 45'


He dreamed about a military career, but lameness prevented him from doing that. He tried to become a playwright, but his plays were not accepted for publication. He became an idea-monger of fascism, a genius of propaganda and a Reich Minister of the Third Reich. He had a hypnotic talent, which explains his huge influence on Hitler. He performed occult rites and kept a diary during his entire life. Joseph Goebbels these pages, which disappeared on the eve of his suicide, could have shed light on the secret life of the Reichs top bosses. This project brings out some previously unknown facts about Goebbels life. Shown are some never before published documents, and rare newsreel footage from his private archives, which were kept in secret vaults of the KGB for many years.


Genre History of WWII
Number of episodes 1
Length 45
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