History of WWII / 1 x 46'


Nikolay Kuznetsov was a legendary Soviet intelligence officer officially recognized as a Hero of the Soviet Union. Kuznetsov spent 16 months between 1943 and 1944 running subversive actions in Nazi-occupied Western Ukraine. He personally eliminated 11 German generals and highly-placed Wehrmacht officials, provided Moscow with information about the German armys plans on the Eastern Front near Kursk, and reported plans to assassinate the Big Three allied leaders at Tehran. In 1944, as Soviet troops approached Lviv, Kuznetsov received orders to break through the front lines and rejoin his own army...
The story of the exploits of this remarkable military operative is based on documented photos and film reels from the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service and FSB archives.


Genre History of WWII
Number of episodes 1
Length 46
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