Investigation / 2 x 44'


I am not afraid of death Ive been there already..., There is no death, only the beginning of a new life..., Death is a journey of the soul... These are statements of people who have come back from clinical death, who have looked beyond physical life and seen the light. Now, these people have agreed to undergo an experiment on their own psyche. Undergoing deep hypnosis, they travel back in time to the day of their birth the very first one in a long chain of births, lives and deaths... Together with them, American psychologist and medical doctor Raymond Moody, author of the cult classic Life After Life; famous French writer Bernard Werber; and Russian film star Natalia Andreychenko ponder such matters as the body and the soul, death and reincarnation, and the search for an access code to eternity, which is love...


Genre Investigation
Number of episodes 2
Length 44
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