Classical drama / 4 x 44'


Demons, a psychological thriller based on Fyodor Dostoevskys novel of the same name. A prophetic and cautionary story.

The Russian Empire in the 1870s. A quiet provincial town is turned upside down when its two prodigal sons, aristocrat Nikolai Stavrogin and political opportunist Pyotr Verkhovensky, return from St. Petersburg. Stavrogin is repeatedly found at the centre of scandals, brawling and duelling. A handsome young man and a sex addict, he ruins those who fall in love with him. Verkhovensky, an intellectual and cynic, establishes a secret society, and spreads chaos and despair. A chain of tragic events follow, which lead to the deaths of virtually all the main characters. A wave of fear sweeps the town, with the residents feeling defenceless against the invasion of devilry.


Title Demons
Genre Classical drama
Number of episodes 4
Length 44
Director Vladimir Khotinenko
Cast M.Matveyev, A.Shahin, N.Markina, I.Kostolevsky, M.Shalayeva
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