Drama / 1 x 124'


The world’s strongest man, the invincible fighter of the twentieth century. Year after year, he was crowned European Champion. At 55, following victories in rings throughout the New World, Ivan Poddubny earned the title Champion of Champions. The real Iron Ivan was the flesh and blood forerunner of the all-powerful, fearless cinematic heroes whose stories would be told in the century which followed. His life encompassed no defeats, thousands of victories... and a beautiful, boundless love, worthy of such a legendary figure.


Genre Drama
Number of episodes 1
Length 124
Director Gleb Orlov
Cast M. Porechenkov, D. Lavant, V. Ilyin, Y. Kolokolnikov, R. Madyanov, A. Mikhailov, K. Spitz, S. Buscemi, R. Perlman, A. Smolka, T. Tribuntsev, M. Saprykin, T. Ignashkina, P. Krylov
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