23 Oct 2019

Sovtelexport presented an updated catalogue at the MIPCOM TV market. At the event, around 150 meetings were held with representatives of the foreign companies from European, Asian, Middle East region, countries of North America, Latin America, Africa and India.

The most important outcome of the autumn TV market is the interest expressed in the Russian documentaries by the major players in the industry.

One of the leading channels in the U.S., National Geographic, will soon air the documentary "Up to the Sky".

The largest documentary channel of France TF1 Histoire confirmed the intention to acquire "Solzhenitsyn: Repentance".

RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana (Italy) selected "The Hermitage" and "Russia: Genius Loci" for further licensing.

Mediaset S.p.A. (Italy) is currently considering the acquisition of "Sputnik: The Russian Miracle", "Salyut-7", "Angara: A New Titan in Space".

"The End of Romanovs" was purchased by the distributor for the territory of Spain.

China Central Television (CCTV) is interested in licensing "Leningrad: Day 901" and "28 Heroes: The Legend and the Truth".

Among the projects presented by the Russia Television and Radio at MIPCOM, a new series about Catherine II "Ekaterina: Pretenders" captured the greatest attention. Two previous seasons of the show have been already sold to 104 countries and the geography of success keeps expanding. At MIPCOM, TV channels of Finland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Greece, Poland, Japan, China, Middle East countries offered to license the series. One of the largest video platforms in the world, Amazon Prime, has included the project in the recommendations list for its subscribers and has already confirmed the acquisition of rights for the third season of the serial. So far, "Ekaterina" has been seen by viewers from Mexico (Canal 22 Mexico), Chile (Canal 13), Colombia (Senal Colombia), Vietnam (VTV), Japan (Channel Ginga), South Korea (STB), Mongolia (MNB, Mongol TV), China (internet platform BiliBili), Slovakia (RTVS), Bulgaria (bTV), Poland (Wirtualna Polska), Croatia (HRT), Serbia (RTS), Bosnia and Herzegovina (RTRS), Albania (Top Channel Sha), Hungary (TV2), etc.

Apart from that, Bulgaria confirmed the acquisition of rights for the criminal drama "Blackout" as well as for the TV series "Godunov", feature films "Two Tickets Home" and "Kandahar".

A line-up of action series "The Charmed One", "Wolfpack", "Two Legends", "Volition" was sold to Vietnam.

The iconic TV show "Law of the Lawless" will be aired again on the territory of countries of the former Yugoslavia and Bulgaria in a new format Deep HD.

Serbia is interested in licensing costume drama "Institute for Noble Maidens" and "Secrets of the Institute for Noble Maidens".

TV series "The Family" and Give Me Back My Love will be broadcasted in Macedonia on the Alfa TV channel.

For the first time, Indonesian internet platform MNC selected a line-up of Russian classics adaptations.

Symphony Orchestra classical concerts conducted by Vladimir Fedoseev were purchased by the major music channel of China - CCTV. A line-up of modern programs dedicated to music and humor were sold to Israel.

Sovtelexport also develops the animation section of its catalogue. Serbian National TV channel RTS confirmed the acquisition of rights for the animated series "Mountain of Gems".

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