World war I / 1 x 44'


WWI had been going on for two years when 20,000 of the Russian Imperial Armys soldiers and officers set out for battle on French territory. It was the price the Tsarist Government had to pay for the weaponry and credit Russia gained as a member of the Triple Entente. The French generals triumphed as a result of the Russians heroic service on the front lines. They were prepared to sacrifice their lives at any moment; retreat was simply not an option. It was only when revolution broke out in St. Petersburg that the Russian soldiers came to their senses, and asked who they were fighting for. What is the point in spilling Russian blood on French land? Soldiers and officers alike decided to return to Russia. It was a difficult time that affected people in different ways. Many people died, while others found opportunity. Rodion Malinovsky went from being a machine gunner for the Russian Corps to becoming the Soviet Minister of Defence 50 years later.


Genre World war I
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Length 44
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