Drama / 115 x 44'


Beautiful and brave, Marysia rides her horse through endless fields and belongs to no man. But Gulkhan, the son of the Sultan, sees this Cossack girl and knows: she is the great love promised by the stars. Powerless against his feelings, Gulkhan takes her to the palace harem. Silk pillows, Turkish baths... could these win over Marysia? Gulkhans Janissary bodyguard, Altan, sees the answer with his heart and risks everything to save Marysia from the man he has promised to protect. Now hundreds of people from simple horsemen to the Turkish Sultan have to take part in this fight for love.


Genre Drama
Number of episodes 115
Length 44
Director Alexandr Mokhov
Cast A. Suvorov, Z. Marchenko, Z. Marchenko, I. Petrenko, T. Dolnikova, T. Tsymbalyuk, A. Alekseyev, A. Dzhigarkhanyan, Y. Belayev
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