Action / 16 x 46'


Andrei Zubov was supposed to die. Fifteen years of torture in an Indonesian prison which kills even the strongest one. Though this Russian secret agent survives and returns home to a country which considers him a traitor. Everyone wants to destroy him. It is too late to save his wife, but Zubov fights against the dangerous system, seeking truth and revenge.


Genre Action
Number of episodes 16
Length 46
Director Alan Dzotsiev
Cast A. Lobanov, K. Strelnikov, I. Lagutin, S. Zhigunov, Y. Igumnova, S. Yushkevich, A. Gorbachev, Y. Baturin, A. Lobotsky, V. Barinov, A. Marushev, M. Reshavskaya
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