Melodrama / 270 x 44''


It's a story of love and passion that will stop at nothing. Maryssia is a young Cossak girl, whose father can't say 'no' to her. Destiny puts Stepan in her path. The young aristocrat has run away from home to secretly marry his beloved Alyona. But for Maryssia it's love at first sight and she decides that Stepan must marry her instead. Rejected, Maryssia swears to get her revenge...


Title All Quiet in Cossack Village
Genre Melodrama
Number of episodes 270
Length 44'
Director Yelena Tsyplakova, Bata Nedich, Aleksandr Mokhov
Cast Z. Marchenko, V. Drobinkov, D. Nazarov, A. Alekseyev, Y. Olkina
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